Yacht Deck Officer

Yacht Deck & Chief Officer Job Role

Role Responsibilities, Information & Qualifications

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Thinking of becoming a Yacht Deck Officer?

At wilsonhalligan, we’re not only interested in placing candidates into their perfect Yacht Deck Officer job role, but also actively encourage new crew into the yachting industry, for their own benefit and for the continued progression of the yachting world in general.

Find out below about the role, what to expect, what qualifications you may need and how to get started in a professional Yacht Stewardess job role!

What are the responsibilities of a Yacht Deck Officer?

The deck officers are responsible for holding a safe navigational watch and running the bridge systems, keeping charts and publications current and might be the yachts designated security, safety and medical officer. Depending on the size of the yacht, the deck officers can be responsible for overseeing the deck operations and maintenance, budgeting and inventory, ordering of new supplies and setting up watch schedules, passage plans and mooring operations. You may be appointed as crew representative (a point of call for the more junior crew) and assist on deck or in other departments where needed. During passages you will be required to hold a safe navigational watch, reporting to the Captain and Chief officer and following the master’s standing orders at all times.

Depending on the size of the yacht, deck officers are generally required to have:

Excellent navigational experience

Solid deck knowledge including maintenance, watersports, tender driving and operations, crane driving etc.

Excellent communication and leadership skills

Excellent knowledge of ISM and ISPS practices

An OOW ticket <3000 or Unlimited

Updated and current STCW95 and ENG1

Visas necessary for the vessels travel plans

A current passport without restrictions

Need help writing your CV?

Download our CV Template for guidance on how to write a professional and informative CV for the yachting industry.
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What are the responsibilities of a Yacht Chief Officer?

The Chief Officer is often second in command to the Captain and can be required to stand in upon their absence.

You are responsible for the overall running of the deck operations and maintenance including crew management. You may be required to assist the captain with administrative duties and finances, but ultimately will oversee navigation plans, watch schedules, deck maintenance, crew management and discipline and be responsible for the safety of guests and crew. Depending on the yacht’s programme you might be required to arrange shipyards and large refits, plan a world cruise or work out how to keep the crew morale and enthusiasm high during a long summer at anchor in the south of France. Extensive experience of deck maintenance procedures and yacht operations are expected for these roles. As the Chief Officer is often a point of call for the owners or guests, you will be expected to be well presented with excellent communication skills and a polite, engaging manner.

Some of the requirements for a Chief Officer can include:

Chief Officer 3000 or Unlimited certificate

Prior experience in a managerial role overseeing large numbers of crew

Excellent deck knowledge of yacht operations and maintenance

Excellent boat handling and navigation experience

Good administrative and IT skills

Well presented, be a mentor and role model for the rest of the crew.

Next steps to becoming a Yacht Deck Officer

Speak to our experienced Deck Officer consultant, Louise!

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Each one of our consultants currently has a wealth of seagoing experience in their own area of responsibility.  We, therefore, understand the roles, conditions and unique lifestyles of those who serve onboard large yachts.

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