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Thinking of becoming a Chef on a Yacht?

At Wilsonhalligan, we’re not only interested in placing candidates into their perfect Yacht Chef job role, but also actively encourage new crew into the yachting industry, for their own benefit and for the continued progression of the yachting world in general.

Find out below about the role, what to expect, what qualifications you may need and how to get started in a professional Yacht Chef job role!

What are the responsibilities of a Yacht Chef?

The position of Chef on board a yacht can be one of the most demanding and most rewarding all at the same time. Depending on the size of the vessel you may be responsible for cooking for crew or for guests, or under some circumstances, both. Keeping everyone well fed elevates moods and can determine the success of a guest/owner’s trip.

When entering into the industry, a strong background in high-end restaurants and formal training is welcomed, as well as a desire to produce the highest quality dishes with local, fresh produce. All of these traits can be presented to clients through sample menu plans and food photos of your work.

As well as all the common yachting qualifications required by all crew members and a willingness to get stuck in and work hard it is mandatory to hold a Food Hygiene Level II and recommended that you hold a Ships Cook Certificate – for more information on this please visit our blog page.

Responsibilities of a Head Chef:

As Head of Department, you could be managing a team of anywhere between 2 to 10 chefs. In this role you will oversee all aspects of the galley, from provisioning, menu planning, supervising cleaning, maintenance and HACCP procedures as well as building rotas and work schedules.

You may also be expected to liaise directly with guests, discussing menu plans and preferences and working very closely with the Chief Steward/Stewardess with wine and food pairings, service times and menu preparation and provisioning.

The Head Chef is required to keep on top of accounts and work closely with the Purser/Captain in order to adhere to budgets.

Responsibilities of a Sole Chef:

A Sole Chef is a role is available on yachts between 30 and 55 metres. In this role you are in charge of all aspects of the galley; cooking for guests and crew, accounts, provisioning, maintenance, cleaning and menu planning.

Working closely with the interior team is vital in this role, liaising with the service team to ensure wine and food pairings, menu approval and guest satisfaction. You will also be responsible for liaising directly with the guests to discuss food preferences and menus.

You may be joined in the galley by a Stew/Cook who can assist as and when required with food prep, plating, cleaning and maintenance.

Responsibilities of a Sous Chef:

This is an excellent way for an accomplished shore-based Chef to take their first steps into a galley, taking a Sous Chef position allows you to learn from an accomplished yacht Head Chef.

You will be responsible for cooking for the crew, as well as assisting the Head Chef with guest food and plating. This is a collaborative role on board most yachts and once you become confident and competent you will be given more responsibility to assist with provisioning, menu planning and plating etc, for guests.

As Sous Chef you will most likely be expected to step up into the Head Chefs role in their absence.

Responsibilities of a Stew/Cook:

This role is prominent on yachts up to 30 metres, where there tends to be a more relaxed atmosphere on board. Here you’ll be responsible for maintaining the interior of the yacht (housekeeping and service) as well as cooking for crew and guests. You must be comfortable provisioning and menu planning, adhering to budgets and working to tight time constraints.

On yachts over 30 metres, a Stew/Cook might be a dual role with their time spent in both the galley and the interior. Assisting with cooking and cleaning as well as housekeeping and service. To work as a Stew/Cook you aren’t required to hold the same formal training or restaurant experience as a Sous Chef, Sole Chef or Head Chef. Instead, being an enthusiastic home cook who has taken some short culinary courses is sufficient.

Responsibilities of a Galley Hand:

This role is predominantly for candidates with little shore-based restaurant experience and formal training with a keen desire to become a chef. As Galley Hand, you will be responsible for the daily upkeep and cleaning of the galley, fridges and storerooms, as well as washing dishes and assisting with food preparation and plating.

In order to undertake such a role, you must still hold all the relevant documents and qualifications as stated below.

Want to chat with one of our team about this job role?

Get in contact by giving us a call or dropping us an email and a member of our team will be more than happy to have a chat with you about any role and answer any questions you might have!

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Need help writing your CV?

Download our CV Template for guidance on how to write a professional and informative CV for the yachting industry.
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What qualifications do you need to become a Yacht Chef?

Some of the key qualifications required to become a chef on a yacht include:

  • STCW
  • ENG1
  • Food and Hygiene Level II or III
  • Ships Cook Certificate (Dependent on flag state and number of crew on board)
  • Formal training (Preferred but not mandatory for all roles)

For more information, take a look at our blogs for more guidance and opportunities to gain some of the above qualifications.

Next steps to becoming a Yacht Chef

Speak to our experienced yacht Chef consultant, Kelly!

Kelly has a wealth of seagoing experience and is available to help guide you through the role, show you available opportunities and help to develop your application to ensure you have the best chance possible of landing your dream yacht job role.

Each one of our consultants currently has a wealth of seagoing experience in their own area of responsibility.  We, therefore, understand the roles, conditions and unique lifestyles of those who serve onboard large yachts.

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