Yacht Engineer Career Advice

Yacht Engineer Careers Advice

Role Responsibilities, Information & Qualifications

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Thinking Of Working As A Yacht Engineer?

To put it simply, the Yacht Engineers keep the boat going, keep the water clean, the lights on, the wifi working, and just about anything you can think of! This covers all areas of mechanical and electrical maintenance, upgrade, and repair. Engineers will typically have routine maintenance and checks depending on the operation of the vessel, as well as responding to failures, breakdowns, and emergencies. The Engineering team is a crucial part of emergency response, managing power generation, water pumping.

Below we outline the various roles, responsibilities, and qualifications necessary to become a Yacht Engineer.

Yacht Engineer Job Roles

Chief Engineer

Essential Skills and Experience
Chief Engineer is responsible for the overall condition of the onboard systems, reporting to the Captain. S/he is required to manage teams of up to 15 people. Chief Engineer will typically be required to plan maintenance periods in accordance with class society requirements.

Depends on the combined propulsion power and Gross Tonnage of the vessel. For larger yachts, a Chief Engineer Unlimited CoC will be required. High Voltage qualifications, and experience with new build projects is often desirable.

Standard Engineer

Essential Skills and Experience
Must be a good thinker. Good with your hands, and not afraid of dirty or malodourous tasks! The engineering team work best as a team, with everyone taking responsibility for the team. Dedication to the task, and an understanding of the importance of the role in keeping the rest of the vessels’ crew and guests safe.

Depends on the combined propulsion power and Gross Tonnage of the vessel. For larger yachts, a Chief Engineer Unlimited CoC will be required. High Voltage qualifications, and experience with new build projects is often desirable.


Essential Skills and Experience
If going down the ETO route, there is a case for getting your ETO CoC III/6 as you will be working with HV and can be signed on as an ETO for manning requirements. Good electrical background or degree will also be highly advantageous. With AVIT there are a number of courses that would be useful, mainly the Cisco CCNA, Crestron CTI, Microsoft Courses and CompTIA, Level 1 and 2 courses from providers like SEA Certify (Just ETOs) and Bond TM. Any cybersecurity qualifications are a bonus too.

A good background in AVIT installation or management is also beneficial. Troubleshooting and having fast answers are crucial when dealing with owners and guests. Due to this a strong and friendly personable manner are crucial as you will be face to face with HNWI frequently.

Need help writing your CV?

Download our CV Template for guidance on how to write a professional and informative CV for the yachting industry.
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How to get into a role working as an Engineer on a yacht:

Speak to our experienced Engineer consultant, James!

Freddie has a wealth of seagoing experience and is available to help guide you through the role, show you available opportunities and help to develop your application to ensure you have the best chance possible of landing your dream yacht job role.

Each one of our consultants currently has a wealth of seagoing experience in their own area of responsibility. We, therefore, understand the roles, conditions and unique lifestyles of those who serve onboard large yachts.

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Take a look at some of the current job roles available for candidates like you to apply for! Apply with a CV and/or cover letter, and we’ll do everything we can to help find the right role for you depending on your experience.

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