Winner of ‘Best Superyacht Recruitment Agency 2021’ by ACrew
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Why Choose Wilsonhalligan?

Wilsonhalligan offer the latest Superyacht, Shoreside & Private Household jobs, for a variety of roles including Yacht Captain Jobs, Yacht Officer Jobs, Yacht Deckhand Jobs, Interior Crew, Engineering, ETO’s, Chefs and Household Staff.  We offer a personalised recruitment service, tailored to our clients’ needs ensuring the highest standard and quality of candidates available.

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We recruit for both seagoing and shoreside roles, with the aim to provide our clients with candidates who are suitably experienced and qualified for the position.

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Search Positions

We offer a range of positions that you can search through and apply for directly on our website. Take a look at our latest positions and find your dream job today.

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Advice & Resources

At wilsonhalligan we provide useful resources and information for both our candidates and clients so that everyone can get the best out of the recruitment process.

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Need help writing your CV?
Download our CV Template.

We know that promoting yourself in the best way can be a difficult task, that’s why we’re here to ensure that your CV and application is the best it can be before applying for your role. Download our CV Template for guidance on how to write a professional and informative CV for the yachting industry.

Featured Yacht Crew Jobs

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Helpful Articles

Read our latest articles for helpful tips, how to guides and latest news.

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